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Check out the bands that have stopped by our Cocoa Beach Office.

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So, this May, during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we’re challenging everyone we know (and some that we don’t) to wear banana suits with us.

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You find it you keep it. Seriously.

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We want our lives to matter. We want to make a difference.

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Sometimes we write about stuff that we think you will like...

Limited Edition Vinyl Series

Since the beginning, our company has been just a reflection of our lifestyle. You know, what we’re into…
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CocoBalm, The World’s Greatest Lip Balm (To Us)

Based On A True Company Disclaimer: These videos were made by people (us) who don’t know the first thing about making ads.
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We’re tryna be a little better at how much plastic we use, so we decided to dye some old Sun Bum canvas bags during work.
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We want to hang out. So, come join us while we sponsor a contest or raise awareness for a good cause, while we support our surf team and groms everywhere, while we crash festivals and parties. Check out where we will be, so you can come out and cruise.