Banana Suit Fridays

Some companies have “Casual Fridays” but at Sun Bum, we’re casual every day. So, on the first Friday of every month we don Banana Suits to work. Why a banana? Because it’s completely covered for protection, just like we should be.
Episode #11 – Coast Highway

Boss: you guys are late...Us: but we got you a breakfast burrito

Episode #10 – Smooth Traveler

TSA Approved.

Episode #9 – Taco Stand

Exhale Negativity, Inhale Tacos.

Episode #8 Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow. #NamasteInBed

Episode #7 – Rookie Mistake

Rookie Mistake. 

Episode #6 – Halloween Office Party

Halloween Office Party. #JustHereForTheBoos

Episode #5 – Surf Break

Yep...even on our lunch breaks.  

Episode #4 – Morning Doo

A job is more than a paycheck. It’s a place where you can scroll your phone in the bathroom. 

Episode #3 – Gas Station

Morning Commute. If we could teleport we’d still be late. 

Episode #2 – Do Not Disturb 

Talking Logistics. Dress Code: YELLOW

Episode #1 – Making Copies 

Some people have casual Fridays, this is how we do it at Sun Bum.